My first encounter with Reddit resulted in gaining knowledge of a contemporary classical music genre, that is highly influenced by spectogram analysis of certain sounds.


My adventures started with Kaija Saariaho, and I just found her works charming but didn’t know of the influences and genre that gives context to her works. I always enjoyed conceptual or even you could say “meta-music” but didn’t know of much composers besides György Ligeti or Iannis Xennakis. After some of her compositions I met Gérard Grisey’s Partiels that already blown me away even without knowing what is it “about”.

Partiels was composed after the sonogram analysis of a low E2 on a trombone, and as wikipedia states: This spectrum is orchestrally synthesized through the assignation of different instruments to each partial in such a way as to harmonically and gesturally model the dynamic temporal evolution of the attack.

As I understand, each instruments play some parts of an actual spectrogram, giving some really alien but enjoyable soundscapes. Others I checked out and amazed by were Tristan Murail and Edgard Varèse but I really can’t wait to check out the romanian composers Ştefan Niculescu, Horațiu Rădulescu, and Iancu Dumitrescu.