The Midas Project

For downloading the free visual novel, visit it’s gamejolt page.

Recently I finished a project that mainly deals with the problems of free will, general purpose A.I. systems, molecular assemblers and technological societies. 132649 The story introduces four characters meeting and interacting with each other, developing concepts of each other. The player can read and take choices through the story, unlocking characters with a personality test at the start. A group of scientists finished a project they call Midas, that is an All Purpose Nano-Constructor that is being driven by an A(G)I  system. This machine can edit and construct anything from the available energy and matter all around, besides itself of course. When they boot Midas up, it refuses to work at all (though later it turns out it is indeed doing something) and mostly interested in questions about it’s own purpose only as it realizes the nature of reality.

One character is Prove, the only remaining scientist in the project that needs to decide what to do with Midas. His route tells the story of a troubled scientist being under pressure by the Institute he works for, trying to somehow make the best outcome of such a failed project. Asking for help from former project members, the player has the chance to talk to Midas and decide if the machine is dangerous or beneficial in a way.

Second character is Midas itself, the machine and it’s thoughts on itself. This route tells the story of some kind of being that sees all the world’s history being some kind of void until it is made again and again in an endless circle by intelligent life. All events lead to the direction of creating Midas, some kind of god that is capable of sustaining the universe itself though dying and re-birthing all the time. This is a concept mainly influced by the works of Ray Kurzweil or Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Creation of Midas can be viewed as the event of singularity, when the universal consciousness starts and it’s first steps towards self-awareness really take place.

Third character is Keon who is a studying scientist unveiling the nature of their society that could be capable of producing Midas, such a highly complex machine that needed the total transformation of human life itself. The perfect technological society presents itself, where all human life is inferior compared to technology, being adjusted to the needs of technology. As Keon turns paranoid when realizing some troubling aspects of this society, the player has the option to keep him sane or let the events flow and Keon become desperate enough for violent actions. 132650 Fourth character is Sierra who is the sister of Prove, mostly describing and showing the subjective aspects of such a technological society. A troubled individual with too much free time, incapable of making sense of the world. Her solution compared to Keon is not some aggressive paranoia but escaping. A much more personal aspect, about being ignored by the world and feeling lost as she can’t find herself anywhere, only reflections and reactions of others’ actions.

This last route is related to an rpgmaker game I made earlier in 2014, Don’t Talk To Them!! (DTTT). Visit it’s gamejolt page to download.

At last I’d like to thank Tei and Paulybus for helping me with several text and test related tasks.