holdfolyosó / mooncorridor

Update: Here’s a new version that is probably closer to the final print.

I made translations of some poems as a first try, and they turned out to be kind of okay. Not fine or great at all, but okay. There are a lot of changed parts and approximations, because I had no idea how to present the same meaning in english.

The title is about the symbolic journey through death we take every night.

After the initial version, this one was made in Scribus. You can download the 13 pages book(let) here. Thank you for reading.


What I mention in the preface about Markov chains is by no way definitive, they are nothing but a statistical way to generate text. What I mentioned was just an example, as there are way more advanced tools and examples of softwares mimicking writing artworks.

Made in Scribus, source files are available if needed.


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