Kiket élve szeretünk (WTWLA Translation)

Over these two days I translated a Twine game that made a really big impression on me two years ago. Actually I started translating it back then but never finished the work. Now I did.

I had to change several superficial details to make it sound better in Hungarian, like even the title would have sounded strange in a literal way so it became “Those We Love Alive”. Lot of options were reordered and several words had to be changed within reasonable bounds. I tried to keep it as close to the original context and ambiance as I could, without too weird sentences.  It’s quite possibly one of the best text game I have ever played (in that current mindset I was in two years ago, at least). Quite reminds me of a twisted fairy tale, but it’s most probably about children – parent relationships that can be a very strong experience if you can relate.

You could play it on, obviously it’s in Hungarian. (Actually as of Oct 21, the author herself even mentioned my work on her patreon and it’s also accessible here. Yay!)


Game by Porpentine, all thanks goes to her.


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