Weekly Reading Suggestions (#1)

Originally I wanted to make a comment on another blog but it didn’t get approved so I may start writing suggestions. There are several ones I want to suggest but as a rule I will try to use contents not older than a year.

The presupposed idea that evolution favors accurate representation of the world seems uncontroversial to a lot of people but an experimental simulated population research shows it’s a complex topic that shows that the accurateness of a given perception method may be not as important for survival as supposed by a lot of us.

Although being almost a year old, this paper shows that something is deeply wrong with the tools and framework of modern neuroscience because the field is not even capable of mapping such a well-documented processing unit as the MOS6502.

SEP summaries are concise and useful a lot of the times but for the history of the so called “free will” debate and ideas, I haven’t seen a better summary as of yet. The rest of the website is just as interesting with a lot of analytic philosophy related articles and opinions.

One of my favorite suttas about the futile attempt to theorize everything, neglecting our actual life and the practical approach to everyday experiences.

Last year there was another Adam Curtis movie released.

There is a growing number of articles describing the controversial act of preserving artistic works in a digital context, something that has been famously debated in the 1972 television series Ways of Seeing.


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