Last month and my Blofeld

Over the last year I sold all my musical equipment but a Vintage V100 and a Waldorf Blofeld. Why couldn’t I part with this piece? The thing is, that the Blofeld is just too versatile for the price. To know a little more background, I started selling a lot of my stuff when I realized music will always be just a hobby for me and my financial state doesn’t justify having analogue drum machines and such. For a starter, see the famous jexus:

And my own samples can be heard on this page in the first three tracks.

I think that’s all, really. Anyone who would look up this post could check the technical details anywhere, like how to set up multi mode or activate the LE samples or what does wavetable synthesis mean. Why you are probably here is to listen to what others make with the blofeld.

On another matter, I recommend this talk and the whole channel as well.

Is skepticism just making everything more complex and by applying occam’s razor we can make arguments and theories more simple? Now this is yet another case of the ancient ship of theseus problem. Where do borders lay? When to “stop the razor” if we apply it? Is it only a single step? What is single? What is a number? The thing is, that occam’s principle is just a principle, and whatever reality is, it clearly has no obligation to our principles like this. The above example is the memory skeptic including an unnecessary step between, and the real question is: where does skepticism stop? How do our categories arise through making up parts of our experiences?

Screenshot from 2017-09-23 20-28-54

Although I’m still very deep in my Poidevin translation project I realized that I still have a lot of extra hours I don’t do too much with, so after finishing the primer that was kind of like two years of work (that would really be an overstatement, as I missed a lot of months without working on it at all) I decided to start trying to translate “the” big book of Pali, Warder’s introduction.

It really worths considering to pick up the New Course in Reading Pali instead of the difficult and lengthy Warder book but I decided to delve into grammar rather than being able to read the suttas as soon as possible. Call it personal interest or whatever else, the additional grammatical analyses in the Warder actually interest me. As time goes, I could maybe even give it up and switch to the new reader either way, only time will tell. Just as earlier, I can’t guarantee anything. You can access a draft of the first few pages here.

Otherwise I have a lot of psychological issues these days I’d rather not talk too much about.



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