MIlán Füst: Vision and Emotion in Art

I’m only posting to upload and mention something I started working on in my spare time. Haven’t got a reply from the foundation holding the rights and that also means I’m not willing to work too much on this translation after the replies I got in the last years from publishers. Nevertheless I kind of liked the poetry of this author and when I found a collection of talks and lectures of his I immediately bought the book even though it doesn’t have nor intends to have too much rigor in the presented thoughts. It’s more of a deep life experience rather than a work of philosophy.

I try to finish the first lecture as soon as I can, then let the project be for a while, I don’t intend to translate the whole book at this point. I want to thank diell and inaba for continuously proof-reading and revising the text. Recent uploads may still hold mistakes and typos.