In case that this site would disappear, my fallback one is here.


Goodreads (My book backlog.)
Nincshova (Self-published poems, hungarian only.)
Mooncorridor (Self-published poems, hungarian/english.)


Rabbit Fields (ambient, downtempo)
Bashed Nursling (breakcore, industrial)
Subboreal – Childhood’s end (contemplation on Clarke)
Review: subboreal – childhood’s end (metanomad’s review of the album)
Subboreal – 2016-2017 (collection of moody electronica)
Jasdurz (d&b project from 2009)


Gamejolt (Standalone games I made.)
DTTT (An rpgmaker game about how non-action and non-involvement is an impossible goal.)
The Midas Project (Yet another take on the connection between the Singularity and the sacred.)
Arcade Review #4 (DTTT reviewed in AR04)
Notes on The Midas Project: The God Within Us (Thoughts on The Midas Project)
Fortress (Twine game, currently broken because dropbox doesn’t host public folders any more.)


Pali Primer (Hungarian translation of a pali textbook.)
Kiket élve szeretünk (Hungarian translation of a great twine game.)
Lojban ismertető (Hungarian translation of several parts of lojban.org)

I only list finished projects on this page. It worths to know that I support decentralized and anonymous services. Apparently I’m usually INFP on that one famous personality classification.

Musical equipment I owned or currently own: Waldorf Blofeld, MFB Tanzmaus, Korg EM-1, Korg EA-1, Roland R-8, CME M-KEY 49, BEHRINGER XENYX 1202FX, Epiphone Special II, Vintage V100, Cort G200, Cort AD810E, SINN7 ROX6, Peavey Rage 258, a Gawharet El Fan darbuka and once I made one of these.

In case you need it, here’s one of my keys.