Ghost in the circuit

Autumn is getting pretty close now, and I think about a world piggybacking electrons. Some people leave empty websites and end-game characters behind when they stop living, pure data and pure personality as the human shell is left behind.
I don’t really talk about my interest a lot offline, the only people who knew the person I consider being myself (atleast at a given time) would be people living really far away. If we consider something like samsara an idea worth preserving for thousands of years, these ghosts in the circuit could hold interesting knowledge as well, and yet rarely connecting their remains to the offline world. As memories and ideas are left from a human being, and it’s “reborn” in a way that it still shapes others’ reality through the actions (karma) they took, then a digital rebirth could work kind of the same way.
Maybe it’s not even obvious that the analog and digital world are so different as they connect all the time, but without proper tools and technology this secret layer of our world remains silent and inaccessible. Only the human shell remains, and older methods to connect us all.

The encryptions and data strorage techniques making the digital personalities and neural networks alive are all man-made, and kind of a new biology in this sense. If all documentation would be lost to these machines and the ideas and ghosts inside, then it would need to be reverse engineered, almost a new techno-biologist approach. While bitrot is aging and there is a mechanical death of storage units, the true passing away is a brand new function to us with new range and new domain.

We already store people in a way, as long as we store context. Maybe you don’t really need to compute and model the whole wiring of one’s brain, because meaning is the real information.

Let’s just all love Lain, I guess.