Pali Primer (magyar fordítás, páli nyelvkönyv)

3 years ago I started translating De Silva’s Pali Primer, but never finished it. Slowly I’m working on it again, the original blog where I was working on it can be found here.

Currently I’m at the 12th lesson, so roughly 1/4 of the book is done so far, that is not much for 3 years for sure but I hardly worked on it as the years passed. It’s a quite concise introductory to the pali language, sometimes way too concise that makes the translation kind of difficult for me.

Just as an example it feels like that the book introduces possessive forms in the exercises before even teaching them properly (their dogs, his field, etc) besides the genitive case. I finally also found a key with answers so I can help myself and the translation by being sure of the right answers.

No excuses though, I’m working on it again. Please don’t mind the design or rather the lack of thereof, I will make a proper and consisent look once I’m at least half-way done.
As of August in 2017, I’m like 99.99% done with the translation, currently dealing with design issues only and also trying to find any last mistakes.

Last update: 2017.08.08.
My work is close to being finished and I contacted the original publisher to settle down any issue with copyright. Meanwhile I don’t host the translation.
Last update: 2017.09.12.
Temporarily you can access the translated book here, but please keep in mind it isn’t finished by any means.